Medical School Admissions Consulting

Make AdmissionsConsultants® Your Competitive Advantage

If you want the best chance to gain acceptance into medical school, you will want every advantage over your competition. That’s where AdmissionsConsultants comes in. They will coach you on your optimal strategy, brainstorm with you for personal statement and essay topics, proof all your documents, review your applications, and prep you for your admissions interviews.

Why You Should Choose AdmissionsConsultants

They are highly qualified. They have medical admissions committee experience, i.e. they have read personal statements, reviewed transcripts and MCAT scores, interviewed applicants and made accept/reject/waitlist decisions on applicants such as yourself. They know why some applicants get admitted with below average MCATs and GPAs while others get dinged with above average MCATs and GPAs. The best applicants have the clearest ideas of what they are getting into. They will make sure this first-hand knowledge shines through in your application packages.

They will walk you through the entire application process. Many companies only proof your essays for grammatical errors. AdmissionsConsultants is a comprehensive admissions consultancy. They understand there is much more you can control than just the grammatical correctness of your essays and personal statements. Interview preparation, letters of reference assistance, and application completion help are also services they provide.

They offer both hourly and fixed-fee billing options. They also only require a minimum one hour payment to retain their services. In fact, they will allow you to apply the cost of the first hour consultation to a fixed-fee package should you decide to retain them on a fixed fee basis.

The fixed-fee services are comprehensive and contain no hidden charges. You are entitled to unlimited personal statement and essay revisions, unlimited phone support, etc. This level of service truly is the only way you can maximize your chances. AdmissionsConsultants recognizes you will likely have several questions about essay topics, specializations, etc and they will not limit your time with them.

You will work one-on-one with your consultant. Working one-on-one will allow your consultant to get to know you very well. The better your consultant gets to know you, the more insightful their advice becomes on helping you select the best personal experiences to share in the applications.

You can call AdmissionsConsultants at 1.800.809.0800 or visit their website by clicking here.

Go ahead and contact them. They’ll be happy to offer you a complimentary assessment of your chances!